The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom

The Bible's Hidden Wisdom covr

God’s Reason for Noah’s Flood

by Rod Martin, Jr.

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“I immensely enjoyed the insights about the reasons why God decided to punish mankind for whatever ill befell on it. The insights were refreshing, bringing on some new lights to old concepts and perceptions I held. My students in World Literature will definitely benefit from these new insights, especially those who have begun to entertain doubts about Bible accounts considering that in literature studies these accounts are myths. Your book reinforces the validity function of mythology vis-a-vis earthly phenomena. I believe your book would strengthen their faith as foundation of life in our present world.”
Nicolas T. Ampatin
Chairman, Department of Arts in Communications
Benedicto College, Mandaue City, Philippines

“Wonderfully written! I am very impressed with the amount of research… with the clarity of articulation… some neat analogies in there, too…. Brilliant!… quite a labor of love.”
James Watkins
Author of Jesus in the World: The First 600 Years

“In his book The Bible’s Hidden Wisdom, Rod Martin extends the Biblical chronology for the appearance of Adam from a few thousand years to over 10 million years. He thus enters into a realm familiar to me, the realm of forbidden archeology, extreme human antiquity.”
Michael A. Cremo
Author of Forbidden Archeology

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Unlocking secrets that have remained hidden in the Bible for more than 2,000 years

The Flood did not cure ordinary wickedness and violence. We still have nuclear bombs, world wars and corrupt politicians.

But God was satisfied with what the Flood had accomplished. Noah’s Flood had targeted one very specific species—a species which went extinct 28,000 BC and which was described in Genesis as the “daughters of men.”

340 pages (print version)


    • Introduction: God’s Enduring Love—Noah’s Flood was an act of love. But how?
  • Part 1: The Noah Mystery
    • Chapter 1: The Water of Death—The Flood story generates more questions than answers.
    • Chapter 2: The Burning Question—What crime did the Flood solve?
    • Chapter 3: Biblical Wisdom—Can we trust the Bible?
    • Chapter 4: The Sons of God—Who were they?
    • Chapter 5: What is Important to God?—What purpose was threatened prior to the Flood?
  • Part 2: A New Genesis Timeline
    • Chapter 6: The Way to Find Answers—Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary skills.
    • Chapter 7: Clues in Genesis—Analyzing the first chapters.
    • Chapter 8: These are the Generations—Finding an imperfect solution, but discovering a bonus.
    • Chapter 9: Numbers of Perfection—The final clues.
    • Chapter 10: A Timeline Compatible with Science—Analyzing our new timeline.
    • Chapter 11: God’s Reason for Noah’s Flood—Checking science for clues, finding the culprit and answering our hardest questions.
    • Chapter 12: The Water of Life—The real value of our quest.
  • Appendix
  • Genesis, Chapters 1–8—King James Version
  • References—Sources used.
  • Glossary—Defining the terms.
  • Notes—Adding details for depth of understanding.

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Packed With Discoveries

Kabbalah Tree of Life matrix found embedded in Genesis

This “Tree of Life” matrix of Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah) was found embedded in two chapters of Genesis, between the words “Tree of Life” at the end of Genesis 3, and the start of the Noah’s Flood story.

This book contains the following discoveries and more:

  • The real meaning of the seemingly outrageous longevity of the early patriarchs.
  • The important differences between death in the Garden and death on Earth.
  • The utter lack of contradiction throughout the Bible.
  • The fallacies of biblical literalism and how they jeopardize our salvation.
  • The true meaning of the sons of God found in Genesis 6.
  • The possibility that there may have been more than one “Noah” during the Flood and how they were righteous, too.
  • The fact that God is very much alive and active in our lives and what we have to do to take full advantage of this fact.
  • The problem of perception that skeptics typically have, including that of believers who are skeptical of other interpretations of scripture.
  • How creation is true but “creation science” is not.
  • What the Flood had to do with Christ’s mission on Earth and how that mission would never have happened without the Flood.
  • The long list of barriers to discovery and how to overcome them.
  • The irrefutable fact that wisdom has been hidden in the Bible, why this was important and how we can find more of it.
  • What God’s purpose is and how something before the Flood threatened that purpose.
  • The long list of tools we have at our disposal for solving our quest.
  • The identity of the daughters of men described in Genesis 6.
  • The discovery of the Kabbalah’s “Tree of Life” matrix embedded in two chapters of Genesis—between the words “Tree of Life” found at the end of Genesis 3 and the beginning of the Noah’s Flood story.
  • The existence of a biblical timeline compatible with those of mainstream science.
  • Through science the identity of the Flood’s target and the fact that this target matches the description of the “daughters” of Genesis 6.
  • The fact that Occam’s Razor can frequently do more harm than good, if applied in the wrong instances.
  • The fact that Noah’s Flood really did happen, though we still don’t know all the details.
  • The Flood date given by Archbishop Ussher and other biblical scholars is entirely wrong, because history contradicts it.
  • The reasons why Fallen Angels messing around with humans could not have been the “sons of God” mentioned in Genesis 6.
  • The reasons why the wicked offspring of Cain could not have been the “daughters of men” mentioned in Genesis 6.
  • The reasons why ordinary violence could not have been the reason for the Flood.
  • The reasons why ordinary wickedness could not have been the reason for the Flood.
  • The reasons why ordinary corruption of flesh could not have been the reason for the Flood.
  • We find out God’s Reason for Noah’s Flood.
  • We discover that Noah’s Flood was an act of Love—only this and nothing more.

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For more information, read Rod Martin’s article, “Astounding Biblical Breakthroughs Corroborate Cayce’s Work,” at the Edgar Cayce foundation’s blog.

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